About Us

Coach Drew Tennis started in 2018 with lessons and clinics at the Dilboy Tennis Courts. I live right across the street from the courts, and I figured it’d be fun to get some activities going over there.

So I got in touch with the Parks and Recreation Department and they approved my request to use the courts. They also helped spread the word that I was running some tennis classes. Those first classes were just for adults and people had a pretty good time. Shout out to the intrepid pioneers of Coach Drew Tennis – Lara, Amanda, Niki, Seedang, Emily, Sasha and others.

The next year, I did classes for kids too, and the program grew.

Now, we do summer, school year, and April break programs. And thanks to the Somerville Parks and Recreation Department and the great folks that have gotten involved, people of all ages and abilities are coming together and having fun playing tennis.

Bringing people together to play tennis is the mission of Coach Drew Tennis. We want to make tennis accessible, fun, and a great learning experience. We also hope that, through tennis, folks can make new friends and have more cool people to hang out with.